Studio Marley Dreadlocks

StudioMarley Specialises in Organic Natural Locks

*Making dreadlocks from scratch
*Extending new or existing dreads
*Repairing and maintaining dreadlocks
*General tidying and fixing
*Tip rubbing and re-dreading
*Fattening thin or damaged locks
*Krishna Dread

*Custom made synthetic dreads + candycanes!
*Synthetic removable dreadlocks (party or gothic/cyber style)
*Cyberlocks & Wool dreads
*Dread fall installation

*Braids with extensions

Beads, wraps, hats, dread falls, and dreadlock shampoos are also available to buy in the SHOP

 For custom Wigs & Hairpieces or Hair Stenciling & Shaving please get in CONTACT for a consultation.